Children's Dance Program


   Children's Dance Program (For Ages 3-6)

The School of Greensboro Ballet's Children’s Dance Program has a well researched curriculum called Leap ’N Learn, just for children ages 3-6. This program is sensitive to children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Leap ’N Learn was originally developed to help young dancers prepare for formal ballet classes. Since then, it has grown into a program that encourages creativity, self-expression and fundamental movement skills.

In class, our young students learn to take turns, how to make basic formations (lines, circles, etc.), basic ballet terminology, posture and how to work with a partner(s). They work on musicality and rhythm as well as stretching and strengthening their muscles. They also work on gross motor skills which are fine tuned as they grow older.

Creative games are played so that the children can learn without even realizing it. So in other words, the children are just having a lot of fun! These games are also played so that the child can reach into their imagination and think on their own, as well as outside the box. Everything is age appropriate and the children are taught in a manner that coincides with how they are developing mentally and physically.

This year we will begin to break-up our Children's Dance program into two categories.  Creative Movement for ages 3 & 4 and PreBallet for ages 5 & 6.  Creative Movement 1 for age 3, Creative Movement 2 for age 4, PreBallet 1 for age 5 and PreBallet 2 for age 6. The PreBallet classes will better improve our youngest students for our Classical Ballet program which begins at age 7.

Theme Weeks:  Throughout the year, SGB offers its students special Theme Weeks which encourage cross-level interaction, lots of creativity and education about the ballet stories that we present during our season. Examples of past year's Theme Weeks include: 

  • Bring-A-Friend Weeks - bring a friend to watch you or take the class for Free
  • Dress-Up Week - wear your favorite Tutu or Costume
  • Sweet Heart Week - wear Red or Pink this week & bring Valentine's for your dance classmates.
  • Nutcracker Week - dance out this holiday ballet and a visit from a character.

Want to try a class for FREE? Email to set up your FREE class today. 

Children's Dance Concerts

Have you heard about those "recitals" where you wait for hours and hours watching solo after solo and groups dances for different age groups in ballet/tap/jazz/lyrical/modern/etc., until finally your little "prima ballerina" comes on stage, blinded by the bright lights just to perform a 2-3 minute dance? (Don't even mention the cost of all this "joy" including costume, recital and ticket fees.)

Have no fear! Here are just some of the reasons you will love our Children's Dance concerts for Creative Movement and PreBallet students:     

  • Children's Dance Concert fees are $35 for the first child, $25 for each additional child.
  • This includes your child's costume and FREE admittance for everyone in your family and any other friends or guests.
  • Your dancer is only required to be there between 1 -  1.5 hours.
  • This includes prep time, the concert (your child will be on "stage" the entire 20-30 minutes) and a post celebration.
  • After the concert, stay for a special celebration for our students, their siblings and parents.
  • Along with some brief class-work demonstrations, your child's class will perform their own "Story Ballet" that they have created together with their instructor.
  • Overall, we offer low-stress, intimate and fun concert experiences that both our students and families truly enjoy and appreciate.